How To Make Svg Files To Sell On Canva In 2023

How to use SVG files in Canva Design Bundles

Introduction: What is SVG and Why Should You Use It?

In 2023, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is still a popular file format for online graphics, especially in the Canva marketplace. SVG is an XML-based vector graphics format that can be used to create logos, icons, illustrations, and diagrams. It’s an open standard, meaning it’s free to use and can be easily edited. SVG files are small in size, allowing them to be easily shared and scaled to any size without losing quality. It’s no wonder why SVG is an attractive option for web designers who want to create graphics that look great on any device!

SVG files are also easy to work with in Canva. The Canva marketplace allows users to purchase and download SVG files created by professional designers. As a designer, you can create your own SVG files and make money by selling them in the marketplace.

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How to Create SVG Files for Canva

Creating SVG files to sell on Canva is easy. The first step is to decide what type of design you want to create. You can create logos, icons, illustrations, diagrams, or any other type of graphic. Once you’ve decided on a design, you’ll need to use a vector graphics editor to create the SVG file. Popular vector graphics editors include Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, and Inkscape.

Once you’ve created your SVG file, the next step is to upload it to the Canva marketplace. Canva requires that all files be in the SVG format and be a minimum of 500px by 500px. You’ll also need to provide a brief description of your design, as well as a preview image. Once your file is uploaded, you’ll be able to set your own price and start selling your design in the Canva marketplace.

Tips for Creating SVG Files for Canva

If you’re new to creating SVG files for Canva, here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Create unique designs that are different from what’s already available in the marketplace.
  • Make sure your designs are scalable and easy to edit.
  • Provide a high-quality preview image that accurately represents your design.
  • Include a brief description of your design in the file metadata.
  • Choose a reasonable price for your design.

Promoting Your Designs on Canva

Once your SVG files are uploaded to the Canva marketplace, the next step is to promote them. You can do this by sharing your designs on social media, participating in online forums and communities, and providing customer support to buyers. Additionally, Canva offers a range of promotional tools that can help you promote your designs, including featured collections and product recommendations.


Creating SVG files to sell on Canva is a great way to make money as a designer. It’s a relatively easy process and offers the potential to reach a wide audience. Follow the tips above to get started creating and selling your own SVG files on Canva.

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