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The idea of gender equality has been around for a long time, but the popularity of gender fluidity is on the rise. This is partly due to the increasing acceptance of gender fluidity in society, and the growing awareness of the need for gender representation in the media. As gender representation continues to become more visible, the need for a symbol that represents gender fluidity is growing. That’s where the Keeper of the Gender SVG comes in.

The Keeper of the Gender SVG is an open source project dedicated to providing a standard image to represent gender fluidity. The project was started in 2019 by two Italian designers, Filippo Conti and Lorenzo Bini, and has since grown to include a wide range of contributors from around the world.

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The goal of the project is to create a simple, easy-to-use, and universally accepted symbol that anyone can use to represent gender fluidity. The SVG is a scalable vector graphic, which means it can be used in a variety of contexts, from websites to print media. It can also be easily resized to fit different formats and sizes.

The Keeper of the Gender SVG is a simple, gender-neutral image that can be used to represent any gender identity. It’s made up of two overlapping circles, each with its own unique color. The bottom circle is blue, representing the masculine, and the top circle is pink, representing the feminine. The circles overlap to create a new gender-neutral color, purple.

The Keeper of the Gender SVG has been endorsed by a number of organizations, including the United Nations, the World Health Organization, and the World Bank. It has also been adopted by a growing number of companies, including Microsoft and Google, as well as universities and schools, to represent gender diversity.

The Keeper of the Gender SVG is not just a symbol of gender fluidity, it’s a symbol of acceptance and inclusion. By using the SVG, companies, organizations, and individuals can show their support for the gender fluidity movement and demonstrate their commitment to creating a more equal and diverse society.

The Keeper of the Gender SVG is also a powerful tool for creating awareness and educating people about gender diversity and gender fluidity. By using the SVG in marketing materials and websites, companies and organizations can show their support for gender diversity and reach out to people who may not be aware of this important issue.

The Keeper of the Gender SVG is an important symbol for the gender fluidity movement, and it’s one that is becoming increasingly visible in the media and in our everyday lives. As the movement continues to grow and gain acceptance, the Keeper of the Gender SVG will continue to be an important symbol for gender equality and inclusion.

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